Four Types of Vacations to Try

Four Types of Vacations to Try

Spice up your future vacations with these four unique travel ideas!


Renew your passport and jet-set across the ocean to explore what other corners of the world have to offer. Plan international ventures far in advance, and consider spending at least one to two weeks abroad to make the most of the air travel time and jetlag adjustment.

Tourist in Your City

Enjoy a miniature staycation in your own city! Explore the top five attractions in your town or city and conquer them over the course of a weekend with friends or family. Stuck on where to start? Consider the local zoo, popular museums, fan-favorite restaurants, or significant memorial or cultural sights. Wanting to keep it more low-key? Purchase a small tent and host a camping party in your backyard with games, music, and star watching.

Road Trip

Pack your bags and plot your course for a memorable road trip getaway! Select iconic destinations around the country, or two or three spots within a fifteen-hour radius, for a vacation of fun and exploration. Considering stopping at a mix of places that offer a variety of activities. Ideas include nature areas, theme parks, historical sites, or iconic cities full of culture and history such as New York City and Washington, D.C.

Beach Relaxation

There’s nothing like the calming ocean waters and sun rays to transport you from the stressors of daily life to a blissful escape. Explore domestic and international beach destinations to reward yourself after a long season of deadlines and daily hustle. Perhaps you enjoy snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, or simply enjoying a good book under a cabana. Research destinations online and book a resort that accommodates the needs of your entire party. Ready to take the vacation home after your trip? Consider swimming pool lighting Atlanta to recreate a hotel-like oasis in a backyard setting.

Happy trails!