Why Plan a Florida Fishing Trip?

Why Plan a Florida Fishing Trip?

You may have learned how to fish as a small child, or you may just be getting into angling for the first time. Whatever the case, the beaches of Florida are excellent for both honing fishing skills and having the time of your life doing so. Some of the best and biggest fish species call Florida home. Here are a few fish you may meet that will make your Florida fishing trip the memory of a lifetime.


If you haven’t heard of these monsters, get acquainted quickly. You’ll hear tales of the legendary tarpon all around Florida marine construction bays and docks. These guys can weigh up to 280 pounds and sprout to a mammoth 8 feet long! Reeling in a tarpon requires great skill and effort, and it can be a team project to manage such an enormous beast. Tracking down a tarpon is an adventure all in itself, and many Floridians include this silvery, leaping fish on their buckets lists.

Mahi Mahi

Speaking of large fish, the Mahi Mahi is another mega fish whose name means “very strong.” Also called a dolphinfish or dorado, this species can be incredibly fun to troll for and reel in. It is long and slender, and it can swim nearly 60 mph. It can require a great deal of strength and skill to reel in a Mahi Mahi, but its beautiful coloring and delicious meat make it well worth the effort.

Peacock Bass

Plentiful and populous in Florida, the Peacock Bass is a predatory fish in the Cichlid family. These fish are prized for their interesting coloring and feisty temperament that makes catching one quite the fight. Not only are they fun to catch, but their meat is flaky and delicious.

When planning a trip to Florida, consider spending a day or two fishing. Florida fish can provide an adventure and a story you’ll want to take home to your friends and family.