3 Essential Men’s Jewelry Pieces

3 Essential Men’s Jewelry Pieces

Do men wear jewelry, or is it strictly for ladies? You may not realize it, but men’s jewelry is a tradition that goes back centuries. Ancient people in Egypt, Rome, and the British Isles wore jewelry, mostly as a conspicuous display of their wealth.

Fashions for men’s jewelry change over time. Most people nowadays are pretty chill with men wearing bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, though these tend to be more understated. Even if these aren’t your style, some pieces of jewelry are associated more with men than with women, although you might not think of them as such. Here are some essential jewelry pieces that every man should own.

1. Cufflinks

Men’s jewelry tends to serve a practical purpose more often than women’s jewelry. Cufflinks hold the sleeves together on certain kinds of dress shirts. They come in many different patterns and shapes, and some are even set with stones. Cufflinks can make a subtle yet unmistakable statement.

2. Watches

With the advent of cell phones that tell the time, watches are increasingly serving a primarily decorative function. Men should have a casual watch for everyday wear plus something a little more upscale, like Black Hills mens watches made of gold, for special occasions.

3. Rings

In the Middle Ages, noblemen would wear elaborate rings engraved with the coat of arms of an organization or family to show where there allegiances lie. Rings have always enjoyed more acceptance as an article of men’s jewelry because of wedding bands. However, certain workplaces barely tolerate rings other than wedding bands even if they do not explicitly forbid them. It is usually acceptable to wear your wedding ring on one hand (usually your left, though some cultures have them on the right) and one more ring on your other hand, perhaps a class ring or a family heirloom.