Proper Pond Maintenance

Proper Pond Maintenance

A pond is a beautiful decoration for your backyard or business campus. With proper upkeep, it can be the centerpiece of your landscape. Many people, however, believe that you simply have to build one, sit back, and enjoy. Realistically, the work starts after the pond is built. If you’re considering adding one to your land, here are some basics you should know about properly maintaining it.

Control Weeds and Plants

Not only do you need to be diligent about aquatic weed control, you must also pay attention to the plants and trees around your pond. Falling leaves and spores can damage its ecosystem, which is especially problematic if you stock your pond with fish.

Clean Regularly

This should go without saying, but unfortunately, many people think of ponds as “natural” and therefore not requiring any cleaning by human hands. A pond needs to be vacuumed in a similar fashion to a pool. This helps fight dirt and mud and improves clarity.

Maintain Water Temperature and Level

Rain and extreme heat may cause pond water to overflow or evaporate. There isn’t much you can do about overflow, except employing a smart design in the planning stages. To fight back against evaporation, you can install a filter and valve to create a water supply system, or in many cases just use a garden hose to replenish the water. This helps ensure that the organisms (and microorganisms) in the pond receive enough oxygen to survive and perform their function.

Keep Chemicals Balanced

The chemistry of clean water is difficult to explain in detail, but, just as in pools, some simple strips will tell you if your pond is out of balance. If it is, rectify it quickly by adding the proper chemical agents to bring acidity and pH balance up or down.

A pond is a wonderful thing. Keep these simple tasks in mind, and you’ll enjoy yours for years upon years!