Does a Domestic Violence Arrest Mean Jail Time?

Does a Domestic Violence Arrest Mean Jail Time?

Being charged with any offense, even a speeding ticket, can be nerve-wracking. When your offense is more serious and it is your first time navigating the court system, it can feel overwhelming. Having a clear understanding of what to expect can help reduce your anxiety as well as help you successfully navigate your court case, especially in emotionally charged domestic violence matters.

Likely Versus Worst-Case Outcome

When bad things happen, it is easy to imagine the worst-case scenario coming to pass, and you begin fearing being jailed or imprisoned for years on end. Unless your alleged offense is excessively severe and the facts are not in your favor, this outcome is very unlikely on a first offense. It is much more likely that the worst fate you will face is having to complete court approved domestic violence classes online as well as a non-excessive term of probation, such as 2 years. Depending upon the presence of any contributing factors to the incident, like alcohol, the judge may order other treatment programs, such as alcohol or drug counseling.


If you are the respondent in a domestic violence matter, regardless of whether or not you feel the charge is warranted, you will likely have been served with a restraining or no-contact order. It is of the utmost importance that you abide by the terms of that order, or you may compromise your future case. You will also want to find legal representation who specializes in this type of case and be completely honest with them so they can best protect your interests.

There is no doubt that domestic violence is a serious offense as well as an emotionally charged and volatile matter. Being prepared with an understanding of what is in front of you can help you stay measured and calm and assist your counsel in navigating to the best possible outcome.