Popular Collectables

Popular Collectables

There is something about the human condition that causes people to collect things. Even small children like to collect rocks and leaves. Once you get older, however, collections tend to take on a sentimental and sometimes a monetary value. There is a thrill in discovering something great for your collection. The following are popular collectibles for both amateurs and investors.


An easy way to start this type of collection is to purchase a cardboard portfolio to fill with quarters representing every state or pennies going back 50 years.  Some people like to collect colorful paper money from every country or unusual currency like a $2 coin or Susan B. Anthony dollar. Others prefer to build their purse with Great Britain rare coins New York NY or other historic coinage.

Comic Books

Comic books might seem like the fodder for children, but they are a billion-dollar industry. Searching for those elusive covers is a lifelong chase for some. For comic books to be worth big bucks, they need to be pristine. In addition, they need to be of a style that people want. For example, a mint condition Action Comics No. 1 featuring Superman’s debut can fetch 2-3 million dollars.


Philatelists or stamp collectors sometimes find that the beautiful stamps amassed over a lifetime are not worth as much as they imagined, but that should not stop a novice from getting started. Stamps take up relatively little room and are fun to look at many times. A great way to start is to choose a topic like history or botany and keep your eye out for stamps that fit the genre. The best part about amateur stamp collecting is that the stamps will always be worth at least their face value, so if you ever decide to give up your hobby, your collectibles will enjoy a second life as postage for your bills or holiday cards.

Collecting is about enjoying the items you have gathered and the thrill of the hunt to find something new. For most people, whether you can profit from your finds is of secondary value.