Differences Between Cigars and Cigarettes

Differences Between Cigars and Cigarettes

Besides the obvious size difference, a cigar and a cigarette may not seem to be very different from each other at first glance. They both contain tobacco and are smoked by burning one end and taking in the smoke. However, there’s a lot more to both products than just those two things. Here are some factors that separate a cigar from a cigarette.


To start with, the tobacco in a cigar tends to be of a higher quality than what’s in a cigarette. The respective qualities of the tobacco can vary, but at the very least a decent quality is the norm. Also, the contents of a cigarette tend to be wrapped in paper while a cigar is always wrapped in a tobacco leaf or leaves. The process of wrapping for cigars is also often done by hand while cigarettes are wrapped by machines in a factory. Lastly, cigarettes have filters at one end while cigars generally don’t. 


Cigars, like Kiev Cigars, generally have a better reputation than cigarettes. Much of these respective reputations are deserved. Cigars have always been associated with high-class luxury and pleasure while cigarettes are connected with lower-class addiction and bad behavior. This is at least partly due to the large differences in price between the two tobacco products and the fact that many different kinds of cigars can reach very high qualities and prices while most cigarettes tend to stay around a similar price and quality. 

Most of the time, when you have enough money, choosing between the two products all comes down to what kind of experience you want. If you just want a simple nicotine high, a cigarette is your best choice to purchase. If you want to get a fair amount more out of your experience than that, you should go for a cigar.