How To Choose a Ministry To Support

How To Choose a Ministry To Support

With the thousands of ministries in this country and the possible dozens in some communities, it can be difficult to know which ministry to support and participate in. Therefore, this is a guide to help you evaluate the ministries you are interested in.

Write Down Your Views

Your first step in choosing a ministry to support is to write down your values and religious views. You should also write down what you are looking for in an organization. For example, do you hope to support a ministry that provides local outreach, children’s programs, family help, homeless support or international outreach? Should the organization provide religious teaching and preaching as well?

You may consider writing down why you feel these programs are important. Many individuals base their values and views on the Bible or other religious documents.

Review the Mission, Vision and Values

Most ministries have vast websites and other documents that explore their mission, vision and values. Read these documents to ensure that the ministry has the same values you do. Your beliefs should be supported and upheld by the organizations you support.

If you are searching for a local ministry, e.g., “ministries Kaukauna WI,” walk in and talk with those who work in the organization. Watch how the staff interacts and how they treat patrons. You may even consider asking for a meeting with the leader of the ministry.

Do Some Additional Research

Research the foundations of the organization, including who is running it. For example, is an outside group, church or religious organization running the ministry? How do its founding and the group that started or is running it affect its mission and operations?

Learn about all the activities the ministry offers, including its local and overseas missions. Observe some of these activities, and get involved in those that interest you.

Once you have completed your research and found at least one ministry that meets your expectations and supports your values, get involved in the areas that interest you.