Occupational Health and Safety in The Workplace

Occupational Health and Safety in The Workplace

Safety in the workplace has to do with managing hazardous aspects of the work environment that have the potential of causing harm to a worker. Employee health is concerned with the physical, emotional, psychological, and mental fitness in being productive at the place of work.

Employee health and safety is a combination of the environmental aspects of the work and the special status of the employee. Health and safety standards in the workplace are attained by ensuring that employers are aware of their responsibilities; employees know their rights and human resources play their role.

Responsibilities of the Employer

The employer is responsible for providing a hazard-free work environment. Employers should familiarize themselves and their employees with the health and safety standards to minimize and reduce health and safety risks in the workplace. Regular inspection and research should be conducted on the work environment as well.

Employers are also responsible for conducting safety training and providing employees with safety tools and equipment. The training programs should be part of new hire orientation.

Rights of the Employee

Employees have a right to seek a safe and secure work environment without fear of punishment. Can you sue your employer for injury? Yes. Employees reserve the right to file grievances and civil charges against their employer for injuries incurred in the workplace. They can also complain to their employer, union, labor representatives, and other relevant government agencies.

The employees have the right to participate in workplace safety and health committees. Employees also have the right to access and use protective gear and equipment.

Role of Human Resource

Human resource is tasked with formulating and updating health and safety guidelines for the workplace. These are achieved through regular audits of health and safety policies, procedures, and practices. Human resource is also responsible for safeguarding employees from safety hazards by organizing training and ensuring they’re providing them with protective gear and equipment.

Hazards in the workplace can be caused by working conditions or the task itself. It’s the responsibility of employers, employees, and HR to manage safety risks in the workplace.