Improving Inside Sales Efforts for Your Firm

Improving Inside Sales Efforts for Your Firm

As a sales or marketing specialist, you’re expected to help put together proposals, brochures and qualifications packages to secure contracts. You bring communications skills, experiences and attention to detail to help your operations teams win the work that keeps your company profitable. It is your job to maintain inside information such as key staff resumes and major project descriptions for easy retrieval and tailoring to a pursuit. Here’s what you should know.

Developing Resumes

Too often, sales resumes are a dump of information that tells you about an employee’s projects, but not much about what they actually did on those projects. Potential clients want to know that the people being proposed have the knowledge and experience to deliver projects successfully, as well as add value in terms of cost savings and innovative approaches. Tailor your team’s resumes to the specific needs of each potential project. Get some professional headshots Rochester NY of your team for a personal, yet official approach.

Enhancing Project Descriptions

Detailing relevant past and ongoing company projects are a great way to show a potential client that your team is equipped for a successful project. While most company project descriptions will include basic information such as the project name, client, location, duration and costs, seek to enhance these documents with completed photos. Also, provide detailed examples of where the team added value by saving costs or showing the client a better way of doing things.

Kicking up Graphics

A picture paints a thousand words. Often large blocks of paragraph text should be represented in a chart, graph or some other picture that conveys the same information in a way that is easier to comprehend. Look for ways to use images and graphics to communicate sales messaging and hire a graphic artist to come up with creative images that can be repurposed.

As a marketing or sales professional, you’re always working. You’re either working on active pursuits or working on documents such as resumes and project descriptions to boost your firm’s qualifications. Look for ways to incorporate photos and graphics to help communicate your company’s strengths.