Hurricane-Proof Your Home

Hurricane-Proof Your Home

A hurricane can wreak havoc on your home. There are many things you can do to weather the tropical storms in your area and keep your home safe. 

Prepare Your Family

First and foremost, talk with your family, especially young children, about the dangers of a hurricane, and about your plan for when a hurricane strikes. Have an emergency kit on hand and ready to go, in case you need to hunker down. Print a copy of a hurricane checklist to keep on hand in case a storm does indeed hit your area. 

Prepare Your Home

Hurricane Doors

Hurricane doors are an added safety feature that will give you peace of mind. High impact doors are designed to keep the external air pressure outside and prevent damage to the interior of your home. Installing impact doors West Palm Beach to your home adds an extra layer of protection for your belongings. 

Impact-Proof Windows

Installing impact-proof windows is another great way to protect your home. Hurricane windows come in many attractive shapes, sizes, and styles, and are made with thicker, stronger glass that can withstand the pressure, water, and winds of a hurricane. 


Installing shutters to the exterior of each window adds another layer of protection for your home. Shutters act as a great initial barrier to the debris that will inevitably fly around in a hurricane, giving you even more peace of mind that your home will make it through the storm unscathed. 

Prepare Your Exit

Always be assured of the routes you might use if you do have to evacuate the area. Having a hard copy of a map is a smart idea as well, in case cell phone reception is damaged in the storm. 

Hurricanes will always be a threat, but by preparing well, you can mitigate the damaging effects. When push comes to shove, you will never regret spending time preparing your family and your home for a hurricane.