Easy Repairs To Update Your Home

Easy Repairs To Update Your Home

It’s natural that over time areas of your house start to show some wear and tear. The paint starts to fade, doors might start to sag slightly and the countertops have dents and chips. Instead of tearing everything out, you might find that some quick fixes make things as good as new without breaking the bank. Here are some easy updates you can do to update your home. 

Falling Wallpaper

As wallpaper ages, the glue on the back weakens, causing the wallpaper to fall or sag. Instead of tearing it all down and replacing it, simply reglue it. You can purchase a premade adhesive that you can apply with a paintbrush. Paint the adhesive on and press the wallpaper back into place. Then, take a lightly damp sponge and push the paper against the wall while removing any extra glue. This method will be helpful for any spots that would benefit from wallpaper repairs Redding.

Sagging Door

Over time, the weight of the door and the repeated use can cause the hinges to pull out of place. These misaligned hinges then cause the door to stick or rub against the door jamb. To help fix this, you should first look for any loose screws. Tighten any that might have wiggled loose. 

If loose screws aren’t the culprit, you probably need to straighten the hinges. Remove the hinges from the door and the jamb and use a pair of pliers to move the hinge’s round parts that hold the pin. Once you have everything correctly lined up, reattach the hinges, and your door should now hang correctly.

Scratched Countertops

Countertops don’t have to be completely removed when you want to update them. Instead, put a coat of tinted epoxy over them. If you wanted to go even farther and have a more dazzling end product, you could lay down tinted foils and then put the epoxy on top. The foils allow you to have a broader range of colors and designs, and the epoxy protects the countertop from further dents and scratches.