Different Ways To Improve Your Charge Review Process

Different Ways To Improve Your Charge Review Process

Conducting charge reviews can be a tedious process that relies on a solid understanding of a chargemaster and few flaws. Here are some of the best practices you can implement to ensure that your charge reviews go smoothly and efficiently. 

Gather All the Standard Data

You need to gather all the standard data necessary to perform a charge review. For instance, most reviews will require service codes, charge descriptions, revenue codes, CPT codes, HCPCS codes, prices, modifiers, and multipliers. 

Gather Any Additional Data

Sometimes you will need to gather additional data before performing a review. This can include revenue and usage reports, your chargemaster, and any codes that were submitted. 

Identify and Remove Unused Charge Lines

Performing a charge review will be easier if you identify your unused charge lines. Note why they are not being used. In some cases, this can uncover areas where services are being performed, but the charges are never making it to the claims department. However, most of the time unused charge lines exist because a service is no longer being used. 

Update Your Chargemaster

A clean charge review is based on a complete chargemaster. Therefore, you want to update your list regularly. Make sure any new services you offer are included. Also, make sure there are no misunderstandings on your list. Ensure pricing for both products and services is thoroughly explained. Also, note any times when you need to bill products and services separately. 

You want your charge review process to be as convenient as possible. Automation and shared platforms have made the process easier, although it has opened the lines for mistakes and inefficiency. Therefore, it is up to the review staff to minimize mistakes. By taking these measures, you can reduce the number of flaws in your review process. This makes for an efficient and accurate review.