What You Should Know About Gun Competitions

What You Should Know About Gun Competitions

Whether you are entering a three-gun or action pistol shooting competition, you need to understand a few things about these competitions. For example, successfully participating in a shooting competition requires more than just purchasing competition handguns.


Gun competition participants not only need competition weapons, but you also need ammunition and holsters. Competitors should also carry water, a small snack, a first aid kit and sunscreen. Eye and hearing protection should also be included in your gear. You should have a strong range bag to carry all your supplies in, and don’t forget proper footwear. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in, can hold your gear and will protect you from the weather. Bring a light jacket or rain coat in case of inclement weather. Avoid gear that you are unfamiliar with and shoes that are not broken in.  


Competitive shooting is widely accessible. Anyone who has general knowledge about weapons handling and has a weapon can enter. Gun competition participants may use these experiences as leisurely activities where they are able to practice with their weapons, or they may be true competitors who pursue higher and higher levels of competition.

Handling Capabilities

No matter what competition you enter, your general gun handling skills will improve. In addition, your accuracy and reaction time should improve. During competitions, you will have to quickly draw your weapon, dodge around obstructions while aiming at targets and fire accurately. If you are moving around, rather than just standing and aiming at stationary targets, you will also improve your calm and adaptability to these situations.

You may also have to clear obstructions in your weapon quickly and efficiently. Your focus, speed and accuracy with different weapons may also improve. If you are a regular participant, you should be able to track your progress through competitions.

Your first step should always be taking a gun safety course. After that, consider entering some gun competitions to practice and improve your firearm skills.