Which Type of Gutter Should You Choose?

Which Type of Gutter Should You Choose?

Gutters help prevent damage to the foundation of your home and prevent erosion of the landscape around your home. They run along the base of your roof to collect rainwater and channel it away from your house. Here are the main types of gutters available when you need to upgrade this part of your house.

K-Style Rain Gutters

If you want a slightly decorative look reminiscent of crown molding, the K-style gutter is a fantastic choice. From the side, it looks like the letter K. With a flat back, it’s easy to install directly to the fascia board with no brackets required. They can hold more water than half-round gutters, which makes them a good option for rainy climates. The gutter installation companies Vancouver have professionals that can install them securely for optimal function.

Half-Round Gutters

This traditional-style gutter is shaped like half a tube and carries water extremely well. Because of the shape, brackets are required to install this type of gutter to the fascia of your home. Many times homeowners add leaf guards to prevent the buildup of leaves and debris since this gutter is prone to clogging.

Custom-Built Fascia Gutters

The most expensive type of gutter is the custom-built kind. They offer the most seamless and sleek appearance for your home. Instead of being installed in sections, this gutter is made from one long piece of aluminum to prevent leaks and rust. It must be installed by professionals for a secure fit.

If you choose custom-built fascia gutters, the material will be aluminum. For the other two types of gutters, you need to decide what material you want the gutters made out of. Your choices include vinyl, zinc, copper, aluminum and steel. Take time to research the pros and cons of each material to make the best choice for your budget.