What Can Happen if You Get Arrested

What Can Happen if You Get Arrested

Most people don’t plan on getting arrested, but if you do get arrested, how does it work? Although it can be a challenging event, you don’t need to be afraid if you know what’s coming.


If you are charged with a crime, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. A judge usually provides the warrant to a police officer who then works to locate the person being charged. At that point, the person may be arrested. The judge may have the police officer make the arrest without the warrant in hand, but it must be given to the person soon afterward.


Booking is usually what happens as soon as the person is taken to the police department. Fingerprints are taken and information is gathered. The person remains in the custody of police for a period of time, usually no more than 48 hours, until a hearing. It is a good idea to contact an attorney at this time.


At the hearing, the judge will determine whether the person charged with the crime is a flight risk. That is when bail is set. This is an amount that must be paid in order for the person to be released until the time of the trial.


Many people opt to work with a bondsperson to purchase bail bonds West Chester PA. For a fee, usually about 10% of the full amount of the bail that has been set,  the person purchases the bond and the bondsperson promises the court that the full amount will be paid if the suspect is not in attendance at the trial


At the trial, the suspect will be determined to be innocent or guilty, usually through the use of a jury. Attorneys work for both sides of the argument and evidence is presented.


If one is found guilty, a sentencing hearing will usually take place and the person will be given a specific sentence.

These are the basic steps, but there are many variations that can occur. Working with an attorney can help you through the process.