Trending Ways to Do Virtual Conferences

Trending Ways to Do Virtual Conferences

If you’re planning to host a virtual conference, you might be wondering about the trending ways to do so. These can include Panel discussions, Live-streamed content, Online booking systems, and Birds of feather sessions. These trends may help you create a successful event. However, it’s important to remember that your virtual conference must be engaging and valuable to your attendees. This article will discuss a few key trends to keep in mind while planning your virtual summit.

Panel discussions

Panel discussions have become a popular way to conduct virtual conferences and effectively engage your audience in your content. But, to ensure that your panel discussion is successful, you should do a little pre-planning to make it a success. Start by gathering audience feedback and conducting audience research online. You can even crowdsource questions and then incorporate the answers into the panel discussion. Then, the panelists can tailor their responses to the needs of their audience.

One crucial tip for moderating a panel discussion is to use a timer. The panelists should be alerted when they have five minutes left or two minutes left to keep the conversation lively. For example, a two-minute warning indicates that the speaker should wrap up their argument. To avoid confusion, communicate these time signals before the session begins. Some presenters may lose track of time and ask another panelist to give them a warning.

Live-streamed content

There are several advantages of live-streamed content for virtual conferences. You also need to make sure you’re using the Best Virtual Conference Platforms of 2022. For starters, it allows you to save a lot of money on travel expenses. Additionally, the content you provide to your audience can be pre-recorded, making it easy to edit or retake a show segment. A live stream also has a better chance of attracting new viewers, a valuable perk for virtual events.

You can live-stream your work on various platforms if you want to promote it. For example, Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch have an incredible reach. Even if you don’t plan to charge for access to your stream, you’ll still have a large audience. However, you’ll likely lose valuable attendee data if your audience doesn’t feel like paying. Live-streamed content for virtual conferences can also help promote new products and services and gain new business.

Online booking systems

If you run a virtual conference business, you might want to use an online booking system to streamline your business. These systems store information about guests, revenue, forms and invoices, staff and partners, and notes. You can access all of these data via a single portal. Moreover, they allow you to track guest details, including contact information and preferences. The booking system also allows you to see analytics about your business. In addition, most of them also allow you to track bookings, which is particularly helpful when you have a lot of virtual meetings.

One of the most important aspects of virtual conference systems is their ease of use. They allow you to easily create an itinerary for your attendees and manage their attendance. You can even offer attendees the option to live-stream or record the webcast for later use. You can have simple events that let attendees view speaker slides or webcasts, while more sophisticated events feature interactive content, including a discussion forum, question submissions, etc. With an online booking system, you can maximize your return on investment.

Birds of a feather sessions

Birds of a feather (BOF) sessions are informal meetings of participants interested in the same topic. A BOF session is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the technology and services available. You can also participate in a BoF by signing up as a speaker. In addition, birds of feather sessions are beneficial for virtual conferences, as they can bring together a diverse group of experts on a topic.

Informally organized gatherings of like-minded individuals, Birds of Feather sessions can provide a relaxed environment for the conference. They allow attendees to discuss the latest trends or industry topics in a relaxed atmosphere. Birds of feather sessions can also be arranged around specific interests, identities, or issues related to one commercial product or company. These sessions are often the most engaging and can be highly interactive.


Post-event surveys are an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of your virtual conferences and gain valuable insight into the content of your future events. A survey begins with a general question: “How was your experience?” The aim is to gather data that can guide future virtual events. Avoid asking open-ended questions, which are likely to frustrate respondents and damage the event’s impressionability. Instead, use short, easy-to-remember questions.

Ideally, it would be best if you asked attendees to rate specific aspects of your event. For example, if you had an online conference with a live audience, you could ask people to rate their satisfaction with the event’s speakers and general atmosphere. You could also ask them to rate specific moments or give a more detailed evaluation of their overall experience. Aside from being helpful for event organizers, survey questions will also give attendees a unique perspective on your event.