The Most Common Types of Engagement Rings

The Most Common Types of Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a new diamond engagement ring, you might wonder what the most common styles are. The most popular style is the classic solitaire, a round diamond held above a band. This simple, classic design highlights the diamond’s beauty. Round diamonds are ideal for solitaire rings, as they are timeless and have exceptional brilliance. The following style you should look into is the cathedral style.


One of the most common types of engagement rings is the solitaire engagement ring. These rings are typically made with a single stone in the center, either a diamond or a colored gemstone. The stone is often prong-set into a plain metal band. In addition to being a timeless option, solitaire diamond rings can make a statement. So which one is right for you?

Based on, diamond solitaires are the most common engagement ring and are perfect for smaller or round diamonds. Four-claw settings expose the stone without covering the diamond’s edges. Four claws can symbolize balance and support in a marriage. A classic solitaire may be more convenient than your partner’s tastes, but small details can make it unique. The diamond can be set in four separate prongs that accentuate each other.


When it comes to diamonds, the cushion cut is by far the most popular choice. It has large facets, and the apparent size of the diamond depends on the facet size and the carat weight distribution. The cushion cut is generally less expensive than the brilliant cut, but it does not sparkle quite as much as the round cut. As a result, the price of a cushion-cut diamond is typically 25 to 50 percent lower. However, this price has increased recently as more women opt for this cut for their engagement rings.

A cushion-cut diamond is a brilliant-cut stone, and its brilliance will light up any room. You can pair it with a plain band or add an ornate textured band to add some visual interest. You can even choose an unusual band design, such as a twisted rope or a vintage design, to add visual variety. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea of a traditional ring, the cushion cut is not for you.


A pear diamond can be a unique shape, but there are a few ways to set it. For example, you can use a halo setting to help protect the pointed tip. Halo settings have an array of accent stones around the center stone and are great for adding a bit of bling to an engagement ring. Another option is a prong setting, which offers the most protection. This setting also provides the most protection for your diamond. It is best paired with simple, minimalist styles.

Even though pear rings aren’t as popular as other ring shapes, many celebrities are wearing them. Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing a pear-shaped ring. Pear-shaped diamonds are also popular among celebrities, such as singer Ariana Grande, who is often pictured wearing one. Diamond cutters have tried to find the perfect length-to-width ratio for this shape. The best combination is Van Bercken’s 58-facet ratio.


The classic cathedral setting is one of the most popular types of engagement rings. This setting offers the most flexibility for design, as it can be crafted in many different ways. For example, customers can choose between delicate arches and dramatic ones. The arches can also be convex or concave. This can create a more traditional, classic look. If you are considering a cathedral setting, consider the following tips.

Cathedral settings can be elegant, vintage, or petite. Using accent stones to add a pop of color to the center stone will make it appear larger than it is. Cathedral settings can be used with a variety of shapes and can have filigree patterns and designs. Cathedral rings are also inexpensive, so your budget will not limit the style you can choose. Cathedral settings can be simple and delicate or glitzy and dramatic.


A halo engagement ring is a beautiful and traditional style for an engagement ring. The center diamond can be a single round or pear-shaped diamond, but sometimes a larger stone is used. A halo can be made of various metals, and the design is not limited to white gold. Other metals, such as platinum, white silver, and rose gold, can also be used to complement the center diamond.

Halo engagement rings can be quite elegant and affordable, with the diamond set in the center. These rings can feature any shape or size of diamonds, and the halo surrounds the stone to emphasize its brilliance and sparkle. The ring band is usually white or yellow and can meet the center diamond in a straight, twisted, or double-ringed style.

Vintage style

The timeless look and feel of vintage-style engagement rings are highly coveted today. These rings are handcrafted and display intricate details, echoing the romance and style of bygone eras without the price tag of authentic antique pieces. Famous wearers of vintage-style engagement rings include Scarlett Johansson, Emily Blunt, and Pippa Middleton. Regardless of your budget, vintage-style engagement rings are a great way to celebrate your engagement.

One of the most common features of vintage-style engagement rings is filigree. This intricate detail is reminiscent of a Victorian ring and adds a distinctly romantic and artisanal touch to it. Filigree is made from curled metal threads, sometimes formed into different shapes. It is usually incorporated into scroll-work and romantic flourishes, though some filigree pieces are adorned with geometric Art-Deco designs.