How to Layer Lighting In a Kitchen

How to Layer Lighting In a Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most complex room to light in your home. Kitchen lighting is often an afterthought. Following expensive cabinet and appliance purchases, installing different lighting options may be very low on your priority list. However, having a variety of architectural and stylish fixtures will make your kitchen look professionally decorated.

Task Lighting

Task¬†lighting Apopka¬†includes the functional fixtures. It helps you to see what you are mixing, chopping and serving. Under-cabinet mounted lights work well for this task. You can turn up the brightness when you need it, and then turn it off when you’re done. If you skipped the upper cabinets, then add some recessed lighting above work surfaces. Pendants are also a popular choice for above kitchen islands. Just make sure that they provide adequate light for food preparation.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient light sets the mood when cooking is done and you are ready to enjoy your meal or cocktail. If you have recessed lighting, then install a dimmer switch to provide a warm glow. Decorative chandeliers and pendants can also be dimmed. You may have space for a floor lamp or hanging lantern as well. Ambient light should brighten the kitchen similarly to a living room or formal restaurant.

Accent Lighting

Accent lights should accentuate the depth of your kitchen. An excellent example would be interior cabinet lighting. Glass front cabinets show dishes and glassware that you want to display. By highlighting the inside of these cabinets, you are adding another layer to your design. Interior drawer fixtures are also available and very convenient.

Toe kick lighting has been recently featured in home renovation publications. These fixtures shine down onto the floor around the base of cabinets, like at a movie theater. By drawing attention to the footprint of a room, it makes the space feel larger. The same technique can be used above upper cabinets if they do not go all the up to the ceiling.