Handling Situational Stress

Handling Situational Stress

If you constantly feel overwhelmed with dread or uncertainty, you may have a mental health issue best addressed with a therapist. However, if you are beset by worries due to current circumstances, you may need a different type of help. Here are three top ways to deal with situational stress.

Take Care of the Issue

Part of your stress is likely due to feeling as if the problem is too large for you to resolve. Indeed, it may be too big and complex for you to tackle alone, but few problems are completely unsolvable. Break the problem down into smaller chunks and focus on what you can do to improve your situation.

There may be practical or legal actions you can take to help resolve your issues. Consult a reliable law firm Mentor OH to get sound advice. Just knowing that someone is in your corner can help you sleep at night.

Take Care of Yourself

When stress levels rise, so must self-care measures. Enjoy fresh air and physical exercise, play with your pet, listen to uplifting music and get plenty of sleep. Staying up worrying over medical bills following a car wreck may feel like problem-solving, but it will likely prove counter-productive. Worrying over bills will not help your financial situation, but losing sleep can delay your physical healing.

Note the difference between self-care and self-indulgence: eating plenty of vegetables is taking care of yourself, while eating plenty of cake is overindulging. One will make you feel better in the long run; the other will make you feel worse.

Take a Break

Once you have done all you can to ameliorate the situation, let it go for a while. It may feel irresponsible to meet a friend for coffee when your ailing parent is in the hospital, but the break may be just what you need. After recharging your batteries, you can be a more positive visitor and better caregiver. No matter how bad a situation is, you are allowed to focus on other things for a while and enjoy a laugh.