Explore the Wonders of Humboldt County, CA

Explore the Wonders of Humboldt County, CA

Are you looking for your next adventure? Humboldt County, California, is loaded with opportunities for you to enjoy, while spending time in the great outdoors. Explore the mysteries of the coastal redwoods, which are some of the oldest living organisms on the planet. Feel the mist from the sea as you take in the views from a coastal trail. Try your hand and panning for gold. There is something for everyone in this northwest region of California.

Get Lost in Ancient Natural History

The coastal redwoods are a wonder to behold, and the age of some of the trees boggles the mind. It is easy to get lost in time as you lose yourself to the beauty of these ancient giants. Grab a good travel guide Humboldt County CA to find out the best places to go to explore some of the last intact old growth forests in the country.

Hike the Rugged Coast

From the forests to the coast, you will find plenty of hiking opportunities for any skill level. Stroll along the sandy beaches for a relaxing afternoon. For the more avid hiker, the rugged coastlines will offer chances to get the blood pumping a bit with more moderate-level trails. The views will take your breath away.

Strike It Rich

The gold diggers of the California Gold Rush didn’t take all the gold. Today, many of the old gold mines are still evident across the county, allowing you to take in a bit of history while do your own digging or panning. The beaches are, perhaps surprisingly, good locations to find gold. While you might not strike it rich by discovering a mother lode, you will certainly come away from your attempts richer for the experience.

Prepare to be amazed. The beauty of the region of Northern California is full of mystery and history. Take it all in as you gaze up through ancient trees, hike along the cliffs or dig for gold in the sand. What are you waiting for?