Concealed Carry Tips for Dress Clothes

Concealed Carry Tips for Dress Clothes

Concealed carrying comes with many options. Depending on the clothing style, type of holster, and firearm, your carry options could be open to additional carry styles. Feeling safe and secure shouldn’t come with discomfort. It’s important to understand the ways you can carry, so you can be at ease—not only in your mind but also in comfort.

What do you do if you need to carry during a special event that requires dress clothes? Some dress clothes may be more form-fitting than you’re used to, and not having the extra space you are typically familiar with, can cause some stress with carrying. This is where understanding all your concealed carry options comes in. Read on for a breakdown of several concealed carry dress clothes options you should be thinking about when dressing up.

Choose the Right Holster

Having more than one holster makes sense, especially if you want to conceal carry for different occasions. Not all holsters are the same, so it’s important to choose a holster that tailors to your needs.

Choose the right holster by trying on different fits. You may be able to drape your top or dress jacket over a variety of holsters with your firearm, but are you truly concealing it? Focus on finding a flexible holster, conceals, but still lets you reach for your firearm with ease in case the need arises.

Your Wardrobe Matters

What you wear, when it comes to concealed carrying, matters. You don’t want your firearm showing through your shirt when sunlight hits the material. Dark colors and patterns help in keeping your concealed carrying a secret. Think about where you’re going and what clothing item will best aid in keeping your firearm concealed.

Carry Placement

There’s a variety of carrying options available to you. Not only can you carry on your belt, but shoulder, ankle, pocket, and tactical are just a few ways you can carry. When it comes to dressing up, think of concealed carrying in the least conspicuous way, without sacrificing accessibility.

As you can see, dressing up and concealed carrying is not impossible. With the right holster for the occasion, The right material and fit of dress clothes, as well as, the right body placement for your firearm, you’re concealed carry options are endless.