6 Types of Engineers

6 Types of Engineers

“Engineer” is a broadly used term that encompasses many professions and specialties. These are six of the most popular types of engineers.

1. HFE Engineers

Human factors engineers, or HFE engineers Sacramento CA, consider how human factors will impact designs. They try to make systems and equipment safer, easier to use, more efficient and more affordable. They need strong problem-solving and technology skills.

2. Computer Engineers

Computer engineers work with and develop computer software that can then be integrated with hardware. It is often considered a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. They need to be skilled in coding software, mathematics and critical thinking.

3. Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers design and create all kinds of machines, such as engines, generators, turbines, electronics, computers, car parts and more. This is one of the most diverse categories of engineering. They must be analytical, detail-oriented and have strong mathematical skills.

4. Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are often associated with infrastructure. They build roads, dams, bridges, sewage systems and more. This profession involves a lot of planning and critical thinking. They need organizational skills, problem-solving abilities and mathematical skills.

5. Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers study circuits to design and create electrical equipment. This is another versatile field of engineers, as they can work on almost anything from microchips to heavy machinery. They need to be innovative and have a strong understanding of circuits and technology.

6. Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers use chemical processes to create products, such as lotions and soaps, fertilizers, lubricants and more. They need a strong understanding of chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and good critical thinking skills.

There are many types of engineering, allowing you to find a field that best fits your talents and interests. HFE, computer, mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical engineers are only a few of the existing disciplines.