3 Tips to Creating a Happy Holiday Card

3 Tips to Creating a Happy Holiday Card

The family holiday card is a wonderful way to give “Season’s Greetings” to your extended family members and friends; however, it can be a challenge to take the perfect photograph for the occasion. To make the process less stressful, below are three tips for you to consider before saying, “Cheese!”

Hire a Professional

Tripods, timers, and lighting can be very confusing to figure out on the day you want to capture your family’s portrait. Instead of doing it yourself, hire a local professional photographer to do the hard work for you. There are usually amateur photographers happy for work, so you could look for someone who is just starting out or who enjoys it as a hobby. Professionals should have many creative portrait ideas for the family too.

Look and Feel Your Best

The point of a holiday card featuring the family is also the memory it creates. You will have a lovely memento of the past year forever. Looking your best in the photo will help you feel your best, so you could book hairstyle services Palm Beach Gardens FL for the family prior to the shoot. Sometimes all you need is a blowout or trim to feel amazing; husbands may appreciate a professional beard trim too.

Get the Kids Involved

Getting that perfect shot where everyone is not only looking at the camera but also smiling may feel like an impossible task. To combat kids and their potential moody behavior at having to smile over and over again, involve them in the process of the shoot. Have them choose their outfits first, so you coordinate around what they want to wear. Let them decide the location or poses. If all else fails, promise them ice cream afterward.

Holiday cards are a fun tradition to start with your family, so try not to be stressed and enjoy the memories you will create.