3 Things To Do With a Law Degree

3 Things To Do With a Law Degree

Obtaining a degree in law is very rewarding and can greatly increase the amount of money you earn over your lifespan, but can be initially quite expensive and time-consuming to pursue. It is wise to be very sure about what career path you intend on taking after graduating from law school. Here are three professions that one can enter once they have a law degree.

1. Elected Official
Many people who have law degrees work in government at the local, state or federal level. As the title suggests, those who are elected into their position are not guaranteed their position for any long-term amount of time, with some exceptions such as federal judicial appointments. Due to this, it is a good idea to have a backup plan in case you are not elected or re-elected for the position that you campaign for. Running for public office requires a certain amount of charisma and fundraising skills but is a good option for someone passionate about issues in their state or local community.

2. Attorney
Attorneys Ashburn VA represent and advise their clients on a wide variety of legal rights in civil and criminal cases. Some of the many types of attorneys include:

Employment and labor
Criminal defense
Estate planning
Personal injury
There are many fields to choose from when entering this profession, so choose one that grabs your interest and speaks to your personal passion and knowledge.

3. Legal Journalist
Journalists who specialize in legal topics research and report these topics to the public through a wide variety of media. Legal journalists may write newspaper articles, report stories on television or a combination of both. These journalists help bring attention to important legal matters that have not yet made it through the court system.

If one of these three professions appeals to you and you wish to further your education, consider obtaining a law degree.