3 Reasons To Live in Rapid City

3 Reasons To Live in Rapid City

Located in the Southern Black Hills, Rapid City got its name from a small limestone spring in the vicinity. However, the name is also apt because of its significant and steady growth over the 200-plus years since its founding. It is now the second-largest city in South Dakota and the largest city in the region of the state west of the Missouri River. There are lots of good reasons to call Rapid City home, but here are just a few of them.

1. Natural Beauty

Rapid City is located right in the heart of the Black Hills, a small but significant mountain range that offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country, if not the world. Its central location puts Rapid City approximately an hour’s drive away from significant Black Hills points of interest, such as Spearfish Canyon, Custer State Park, and Black Elk Peak, the highest point in the state of South Dakota. Spots like these offer multiple opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and many, many more.

2. Things To Do

There are also indoor activities available, such as billiards Rapid City SD. The Elk’s Theater is a historic movie house that has undergone extensive restoration and now shows second-run movies. Rapid City offers a lot of shopping opportunities, both unique local boutiques and big-box stores. People from surrounding rural areas often plan day-long shopping trips to Rapid (as they often call it) to stock up on essentials.

3. No State Income Tax

Unlike most states, South Dakota doesn’t impose an income tax on its citizens. Not only does this keep more of your money in your pocket, but it also makes yearly filing that much easier. There are tradeoffs, however. South Dakota charges a sales tax of 4.5% on all purchases, including groceries, and individual municipalities may add an additional sales tax of up to 2%.

There are so many more reasons to move to Rapid City. Just walking around its main streets, you will see that it is a city that values history, art, and education.